▍▍Packing & Logistics Center

TTMC is a group company with 6 branch factories in Tengzhou city and Zaozhuang city. In order to have the advantage on the market and can supply good services to customers, Head office in charge of the management of technical, purchase, sales and Logistics ect., the branch factories responsible for production, try their best to make the quality products on time, after they finish the products, they will send them into the warehouse center of our new factory for loading container.  


The warehouse centre is more than 12,000 square meters, which can accommodate thousands of products from our six branch factories, can stock the goods more than 300pcs of 40ft containers. These coming goods will be placed in different areas according to the categories such as factories, the customers and the size to make the whole warehouse clean and orderly. 


We have our own packing workshop for service our six factories in time, we have the qualification for wooden fumigation to meet the international transport, and protect our goods in well condition.  


Wtih ERP management, the staff make the tough task easy and effective. Product Location, delivery and storage are all through ERP, which can help us quickly and accurately find goods, greatly improve work efficiency. With our reliable logistic system you just order, all the others let us do.